Apportioned Registration

Apportioned Registration

Details About IRP Plates

Apportioned Registration

Here at Go Trucking USA we are happy to help truck drivers get apportioned license plates, which make it easier to carry loads interstate from California and the rest of the Lower 48 States.

What Are Apportioned Plates?

An apportioned registration or plate, which is commonly referred to as the International Registration Plan (IRP) is a registration cooperation agreement between the 48 contiguous United States and Canadian provinces which provides payment of registration fees that are based on the miles that tractors/carriers operate in in each jurisdiction that participates in the program. The main purpose of the IRP is to help ensure the best use of the highway system.

The IRP was developed by the American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators (AAMVA) with the intent of promoting commerce and interstate vehicle operations by authorizing commercial vehicle registration to be valid interstate, providing more ease for interstate vehicle operations.
The major benefit of the plan is that a tractor, power unit or carrier only needs one license plate (specially marked as “Apportioned,” “APP” or “ARP”) that is registered in their home/base state or jurisdiction and cab card for each one of their vehicles. By having a vehicle affixed with an apportioned license plate, it show that each jurisdiction is receiving its share of registration fees through the International registration plan regardless of which state issued the license plate. The cab card signifies which states the carrier is allowed to travel through and the carrier’s permitted weight limit.

What Vehicles are Eligible for Apportioned Plates and the International Registration Plan (IRP)?

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For vehicles to be eligible for apportioned plates through the International Registration Plan they must meet the following:

Additional Trucking Permits

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