About Us

Road with gas signFounded in 2012, Go Trucking USA, LLC strives to be a provider of all services needed to keep commercial trucks and their owners moving.

Located in Fontana, CA, Go Trucking USA or GTU (as our clients have begun referring to us) operates in one of Southern California’s cities known for its rich population of commercial truckers.

With commercial truck dealerships occupying the Fontana area, owner-operators and fleet owners alike will need to register and obtain the permits and authorities to get these diesels moving; this is where GTU comes in to help.

Lifelong Southern California resident Mike Becerra came up with the idea of providing local operators and fleets with the services needed to get their vehicles on the road while being in a convenient location and providing a friendly atmosphere. A place where both the biggest fleets can find what it needs and a single-truck owner can comfortably get the paperwork needed without being intimidated by state and government documents.

With over a decade of experience providing Class A drivers with apportioned or California truck registrations, Go Trucking USA uses its knowledge to get you and your trucks on the road while taking all of the hassle of you having to deal with the paperwork needed to do so. This gives you peace of mind and helps ensure you minimize downtime and keep on trucking. As our company motto states, “We Get You Trucking”. Now that you know about us, feel free to contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself.